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Reliv’s mission is to Nourish Our World in body, mind and spirit. We pursue our mission by providing nutritional products that promote optimal health, a business opportunity that offers individual freedom and personal growth, and a charitable foundation that combats hunger around the world.


Lynette, Arizona

I started to get sick with Lupus, at 19. I was deadly tired and hurt so bad I couldn’t think straight. Nine years ago I started on Reliv, I got results with my first shake. I was able to get off 3 asthma inhalers, allergies were gone and I stopped having hypoglycemia. At 4 months I was pain free for the first time in 18 years. At one year on Reliv I was symptom free, pain free.

I owned my own cleaning business for 14 years, and I worked hard. I was missing out of watching my children grow up. I started in Reliv at the top profit level, called Master Affiliate. Doubled my income in three months, we now earn as much as $11,000 per month part time.

We have had so much fun in Reliv, I was able to buy the car I wanted. We have been on incredible trips with RELIV… A cruise to the Bahamas, a castle in Banff Canada.


Jeannie & Kent, Arizona

We heard about Reliv 10 years ago when I was expecting our third baby. I  was tired and worn out. I started on the products. I had a great pregnancy and had incredible energy.

I started our children on the products and our daughter’s blood sugars leveled out with hypoglycemia. One of our sons was excited that his depression had lifted. Our son with Asberger’s Syndrome quit raging. Our daughter with ADD and Dyslexia was able to focus and now she loves to read.

My husband was stubborn and it took him awhile to get started. For 18 years he had suffered with 35 severe migraines a year. His first year on Reliv that number went to 3. All of us quit having the colds, flu’s and respiratory problems.

The business was not something we were looking for. My husband made a good income as an Attorney. I started talking to some people and I made $200 my first month that has grown to over $12,000 in a month. I was able to create a 6 figure income from home around my family.


Bunny, South Dakota

She has to pinch herself when she thinks about all of the amazing changes that have taken place in her life with Reliv.

Life and work hasn’t always been so fun for Bunny, a former teacher and principal who accrued more than $50,000 in debt pursuing alternative treatments for breast and liver cancer before she found Reliv. Bunny went from stage 4 breast Cancer with a life expectancy of 4 months to Cancer Free in 3 months. Flooding her body with Reliv allowed her body to fight back. Today, she’s cancer-free and glad she took the leap of faith last year to walk away from her job to start her Reliv business.

I had 32 cents in my checkbook, but within three weeks, I earned $6,500 with Reliv, she recalls. I didn’t have to say much. People just saw the change in me and wanted to know about this company. I consider Reliv a gift, and I want to share it.


Christian H – Montana

At age 24, Bronze Ambassador Christian was working long hours in a construction job he didn’t like and yet still found himself $20,000 in debt. Three years later, he’s debt-free and rapidly building his savings as a full-time Reliv distributor. Most importantly, Christian has taken charge of his life. “I’m now free to do whatever I want,” he says.

For Christian, who lives in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, that often means taking advantage of numerous opportunities to immerse himself in outdoor activities. “I like snowboarding, hiking and rafting,” he says. “I love to be active.” Christian also writes his own music and leads worship services at his church.

Christian discovered Reliv through his parents, Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Max and Wendy House, who introduced their son to the products to help with his juvenile onset diabetes. When he noticed improvement with his health and he decided to become a distributor. “I made a four-year commitment — just like I would for a bachelor’s degree. I would not reevaluate my decision to be part of Reliv for four years. And anything but success in that time was unacceptable.”

Almost three years into his commitment, Christian is earning more than $5,000 a month. He gets tremendous satisfaction from seeing others he has sponsored turn their lives around through both the products and the business. “I just had two sponsors, 22 and 24 years old, become Ambassadors,” he says. “Another sponsor has built an income that has saved her family’s farm from bankruptcy. Stories like that make it all worthwhile.”

Christian, who has traveled in Eastern Europe and Africa, hopes to build his Reliv business to a level that allows him to “share the wealth” and his passion for helping others by starting schools and orphanages in Third World countries. “That’s my dream,” he says


Ricky Browning

At 434 pounds, Ricky Browning was dangerously overweight. He struggled through the day with joint pain, breathing trouble and exhaustion due to his weight and low blood sugar. A year after beginning his weight loss journey, Ricky is now inspiring others with an astounding 191-pound weight loss.

“I can’t believe how big I was,” says Ricky, a Receiving Clerk at Reliv International Headquarters. “The only place I could weigh myself was here at Reliv on the truck scale.” Despite working at a nutrition company, Ricky didn’t make his health a priority. “I saw how beneficial Reliv was for others, but I didn’t stay consistent with the shakes myself.”

A Wake Up Call

Ricky’s wake up call finally came in December 2010 when a childhood friend said, “I really hope you lose the weight because I’d hate to lose you in the next 10 years.” That day, Ricky resolved to change his life. “I showed GlucAffect® to my doctor and he told me I should start on it right away. After a few weeks of two scoops a day, my low blood sugar started balancing out. Then I started losing weight and my blood pressure went down.”

Ricky’s infant son, Colt, is his biggest motivator. Ricky explains, “My dad was only 44 when he died. My life expectancy was only 8-10 more years, which would put my son at the same age I was when my dad died. Losing the weight meant being around for my family. Now I look in my loved ones’ eyes and I don’t imagine the pain of a life without me.”

Joining the Team

Even though Ricky loved sports, he avoided athletic activity in the past. “I recently bought a basketball hoop and now I play every chance I get!” Ricky says. Team Reliv has been an integral part of Ricky’s weight loss journey. After losing some weight, Ricky was able to exercise with his wife, Cyndi. They’re planning to run in the Go! St. Louis 5K in April.

Ricky calls his son “little hero,” but Cyndi asserts it’s actually the other way around: “Every little boy needs his daddy to be a hero — and now I know Ricky will be here for Colt. He’s the best father!” “I’ve always felt in my heart that I was meant to help other people, but I didn’t know how. But now, I think telling my story is a way to do that,” Ricky says. He has moved at least one person already. “Ricky is such an inspiration,” Cyndi says. “He makes me want to be a better person every day.”

According to Ricky, Reliv is like a second family. “Without Reliv products and my colleagues’ moral support, I would have died from my health problems,” Ricky concludes.

“Instead, I’ve become a better husband and father — and I’m going to be here for a long time.”


Greg Stokes

Greg & Wendy StokesI live in Prescott, AZ, with my wonderful wife, Wendy. My Reliv story, however, began 12 years ago in St. Louis, MO. I owned a successful business there. I was not looking for another business when Reliv found me. Had I been, it certainly would not have been with a network marketing company. I had a very negative opinion about the industry then.

In the early 1990’s, Reliv was one of my company’s customers. I learned that it was a network marketing company, and thought I had no interest in its opportunity. Four or five years later, a long time, trusted friend got involved with Reliv. Frankly, I thought my buddy had lost his mind! I avoided the subject, assuming it would go away after a while. Instead, he invited me to a Reliv business presentation. I did not want to be at that presentation, and was there out of friendship alone.

It was at that meeting, that my friend introduced me to several people who had created large incomes by building Reliv distribution networks. This intrigued me enough to get involved, if skeptically. That skepticism vanished, however, when people I care about saw remarkable results with this nutrition. Many of them got help with health issues from which they could not find relief through the medical community or anywhere else. That is when Reliv got into my heart. It was much different than anything I had ever seen.

We treated Reliv like a serious business, and it grew nicely. In fact, our Reliv income surpassed my other significant income in about three years. It was quite a financial blessing to us. Three and a half years after starting in the Reliv business, my wife of over twenty one years and I were in a terrible car accident. She was killed instantly. My head trauma caused three major brain injuries, including brain stem damage. The prognosis was bleak. My family was told that I would probably not survive, and that if I did, I would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of my life.

However, I had been taking this great nutrition for over three years. My family insisted that the Reliv formula was fed through my feeding tube, as well. This took place during the more than five weeks I was in a coma. Then, I awoke in much better condition than had been predicted! While my family was ecstatic that I awoke in my right mind, I was devastated at the news of my wife’s death. I descended into an emotional abyss, and did not work for over four months.

My first business did not have enough money to pay me in addition to paying the people who were brought in to run the company during my absence. During the same time period, my income actually increased! This was because my Reliv business continued to grow. Frankly, I did not appreciate that fact at the time, but I certainly do now. How much worse would things have been had I been forced into bankruptcy!

Reliv pays me well enough to put me in the top 2% of American income earners. I met Wendy, my new wife, through the business. This opportunity, about which I was so initially negative, has blessed me in so many ways! All of which, makes me extremely grateful that my friend did not allow my critical attitude keep him from sharing Reliv with me!


Mike & Carol, Nebraska

When I got on the products it wasn’t that I had any health issues at all – I just wanted to maintain my health. Well, after being on the products for only a short period of time, I actually experienced several things. I started sleeping all night, my energy zoomed, I was able to walk the golf course and carry my clubs again and that hadn’t happened in over 15 years. I went to get the hearing aids I was recommended to get and when they tested me again they said my hearing actually improved to the point that I did not have to get hearing aids. That was seven years ago and to this day, I still don’t wear hearing aids.

Carol had developed Candida yeast, leaky gut syndrome. She became allergic to about everything she was eating. She was losing weight, started looking anorexic, got depressed and became a recluse. She was looking for something nutritionally to help herself and tried many things, and through that process came across Reliv. She got started on the products and by the fifth month, we pretty much had the old Carol back.

We really realized we had the opportunity with Reliv to help people in ways we never could before, in ways that really mattered – with their lifestyle and with their health. I think the real impact was when the first person came up with tears of joy in their eyes thanking us for changing their life. We knew that we had found a home. By the end of the first year, we had made $50,000. We made $100,000 our second year. By our fifth year in the business we made $251,000. I was amazed at that! We have been on numerous all-expenses-paid trips with Reliv to places like Munich, Germany, Bermuda, Cancun, three Caribbean cruises. We love doing Reliv and I don’t see any reason why we’d ever stop.


Shawn, Georgia

Shawn joined Reliv in 1990, after attending his first Tuesday night opportunity meeting. “At the time, I was nine years out of college and working as an accountant. I was $20,000 in debt and earning half of what I believed I was worth,” Shawn recalls. “It was at that meeting that I found the opportunity I was looking for but didn’t know existed — a business I could do from home part-time, with no overhead costs or financial risk. I thought, ‘I’ve got to do this.’

“In my first 90 days, I earned $7,000 part time and I decided to make Reliv my full-time career,” Shawn continues. My income reached $20,000 a month and, for the past 13 consecutive years, I’ve continued to earn well into six figures.

“Because of Reliv, I now live what I call the most blessed and unexplainable lifestyle. Because the two factors that control most people’s life decisions — time and money — don’t have that stranglehold on me, and never will again,” Shawn says. “Pretty amazing, considering this company is really just getting started.”


Niki Oudenaarden
Record-breaking heptathlete/St. Albert, Canada

Life in Athletics: Started competing in track and field at age 10. Owner of multiple provincial high school track and field records. Gold medal winner in the heptathlon (100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin and 800m) at the Legion Canadian Youth Track and Field Championships. Currently training for the World Youth Championships.

Because of Reliv… “I recover faster from the stresses training places on my body. My twice daily shakes of Reliv Now®, ProVantage® and Optain!® (Innergize!® in the US) have also helped improve my strength and overall health. With the heptathlon, I have to train for all seven events every week, plus strength training, core training, speed endurance, sprints and block starts. Reliv helps me stay on track and in pursuit of my dream to one day represent my country in the Olympics.


Joshua Fleagle, St. Marys, Ohio

Nationally ranked swimmer at age 17
Life in Athletics: Qualified for 2012 Olympic trials in 50m freestyle and nearly there in 100m. Competes in national Grand Prix events against former Olympians — usually the youngest in the pool by 3+ years. Plans to use 2012 Olympic trials as a springboard for Olympic bid in 2016.

Because of Reliv… “I can train full-time — up to 5+ hours a day — without limitation. Before I started on Reliv two years ago, I used to experience shoulder soreness between events. Not anymore. When training, I take three main shakes of ProVantage®, Reliv Classic® and Reliv Now® for Kids throughout the day, plus Innergize!® and Arthaffect® in a water bottle during practice. My dream is to represent my country at the Olympics, and Reliv will be with me every step of the way.”


Rosanne Knape, Lake Zurich, IL

I had suffered from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for over 30 years.  The disease had progressed to the point where I could not work.  I suffered from chronic fatigue, memory loss, mobility restrictions (had to crawl up and down stairs) and a host of other debilitating issues.  I was also dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  For years I took all sorts of vitamins and supplements, yet my health continued to deteriorate.  15 years ago, I was introduced to Reliv.  Soon after starting the basic nutrition, I was able to do chores around the house.  Over time, as Reliv built up my immune system.  I am now able to play tennis and enjoy wakeboarding.  I lost 41 pounds on the Reliv Slimplicity® products and after adding 24K to my health regimen, I feel unstoppable.


Cherie’ L. Slimp

I have Scoliosis, in fact I have had four back surgeries at the age of 50 to try to correct it with fusing my entire spine, to help with the horrible pain including sciatica pain that accompany it. My scoliosis was discovered in my first year of the high school and I was placed in a Milwaukee brace and wore it until my last year in high school.  After high school and up to my age of 50, I still incurred horrible back pain, so that was the reason of the 4 back surgeries which I am fused with rods and screws from the top of my spine to the bottom. The surgeries did not really help which forced me to limit my favorite sport, horseback riding. If I rode, I had to wear a brace which was uncomfortable.  I had other ailments such migraines, neck pain from bone spurs and irritable bowel disease,

After two months of taking Reliv, I was able to ride my horse on longer trail rides without a brace, and my neck pain, migraines and IBS decreased significantly!

I am forever grateful to Reliv and will continue to Pay It Forward!


Two years ago, Sue Randolph from Henderson, Kentucky, was struggling to keep up with her job as a school bus driver. Her declining health had already forced her to give up the house cleaning business she’d built over time.

“My fibromyalgia was getting worse — and I was suffering from the symptoms of osteoarthritis, a sciatic nerve problem and bulging disc in my back. I also have curvature of the spine, a childhood condition,” Sue says. “I was having a lot of trouble getting into my vehicle and couldn’t even walk up and down the stairs without help.”

For the first three months after starting on Reliv nutrition, Sue saw improvement in her hair, skin, nails, and the charley horses in her hands and feet, but her major problems persisted.

“I knew nutrition was important regardless, so I continued with the basic nutrition, adding FibRestore® and Arthaffect®,” Sue notes. “And I slowly began to feel better — I even started sleeping through the night. Nine months after starting on Reliv, I felt 80% improved, and my chronic respiratory problems were relieved, as well.”

Sue feels so good these days, she’s even cleaning her house again. “But I won’t be cleaning for anyone else,” she states. “My husband, Denford, and I love everything about Reliv, so we’re building a business!”


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