Get Started With Reliv

Get Started with Reliv

I’m interested in starting my own Reliv business, but…

I don’t know anything about nutrition. 

No problem. To be successful, the only thing you really need to know is that Reliv products work. We have thousands and thousands of people getting amazing results with our products and business model. Just by connecting people to other Reliv stories your business will grow. But if you want to become a nutritional expert while you’re at it, Reliv offers a variety of in-depth materials and online resources to start your education right away.

I don’t know anything about direct sales.

No worries. Most of Relìv’s top Distributors joined the company with little or no direct sales experience. With the Relìv Success System, a business plan developed by successful Distributors, it’s a business anyone can do. There’s no need to figure out how to get started; it’s already been done for you. Together with a team of people to mentor you, professionally-created marketing materials, online tools and live call center support, you have everything you need to succeed.

How do I know I can trust Reliv?

We have been in business for 25+ years and stand behind both our business and products with a money-back guarantee. Over 200 employees are dedicated to one central goal: your success. That’s why Reliv enjoys one of the highest Distributor retention rates in the industry. You’ll always get the same quality products, you’ll always get the help you need when you call in, you’ll always have the tools you need to build your business and you’ll always receive your check on time. We guarantee it.

Some Other Reliv Highlights:

  • One of the most lucrative compensation plans in the direct sales industry;
  • Up to 5 forms of income and the business is willable;
  • A proven Support System with everyone working together;
  • We do our own R&D and manufacturing in the United States in near pharmaceutical conditions;
  • Has been awarded eight (8) U.S. Government patents and 1 pending;
  • Numerous clinical studies backing up the science of our products;
  • Has proprietary blends and trade secrets that distinguish its products from the competition;
  • Member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition;
  • The first company to partner with the Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC) and its managing tenant Soy Labs LLC;
  • Mentioned by a number of financial magazines as one of the “Best Small Companies;”
  • An International opportunity, with business in more than a fifteen countries;
  • Our charitable organization currently feeds over 42,000 needy families and children a day.

We’re excited you want to learn more about us and look forward to seeing how Relìv can help change your life for the better. Contact Us