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AHA Recognizes Lunasin’s Heart Health Benefits
Lunasin, the key ingredient in Reliv’s LunaRich® whole bean non-GMO soy powder, and its ability to support cardiovascular health have been recognized by the American Heart Association! Circulation, the official journal of the AHA, has published a study abstract demonstrating lunasin’s heart health benefits. Read it now.

LunaRich™ delivers five to ten times the amount of lunasina naturally occurring peptide thatLunaRich Soy Powder
provides many of soy’s documented health benefits. Numerous studies demonstrate lunasin’s superior support for cancer-preventive effects, cardiovascular health, significant anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging, and skin health.

Recommended by the American Anti-Cancer Institute

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What is LunaRich?

LunaRich is a non-GMO whole soy powder cultivated from Reliv-dedicated soybeans. Soy Labs and the MPSC research partners identified soybean varieties for use in LunaRich with the highest possible levels of lunasin, a peptide found naturally in soy (read more on the benefits of soy).

Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the MPSC’s lead scientific advisor, first discovered lunasin during research at UC Berkley to improve the nutritional profile of soy protein. More than 40 peer-reviewed and published studies have documented lunasin’s health benefits. Research by 21 research institutions supported by 27 public and private funding sources has resulted in nine patents.

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“A growing body of research shows that the lunasin peptide is one of the most important bioactive components of soy,” Dr. Galvez explains. “Among other benefits, lunasin demonstrates superior support for cardiovascular health and exhibits significant anti-inflammatory properties. In creating LunaRich for Reliv, we have maximized lunasin levels in soy.”      FAQ’s

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