Reliv Partners With Missouri Plant Science Center

Dr Carl Hastings and Dr Alfredo GalvezThanks to an exciting research and development partnership, Reliv is taking its longstanding commitment to scientific innovation to a whole new level.

Reliv International is the first company to partner with the Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC) and its managing tenant Soy Labs LLC. Less than a two-hour drive from Reliv’s Corporate Headquarters, the MPSC is a new shared-use facility where researchers work alongside business and industry experts to bring ingredient innovation from the laboratory to the consumer.

The partnership is already paying dividends. Reliv and its research partners at the MPSC have created LunaRich™, a breakthrough soy powder exclusive to Reliv. LunaRich delivers five to ten times the standard amount of lunasin, a naturally occurring peptide that provides many of soy’s documented health benefits.

“I have known and worked with [Reliv Chief Scientific Officer] Dr. Carl Hastings for a number of years,” Soy Labs President and MPSC Executive Director Ryan Schmidt says. “With Reliv’s track record of innovation in the nutrition industry, I can’t think of a better partner for the type of groundbreaking work taking place at the MPSC.”

What This Means for Reliv

The MPSC is a truly novel concept. Through an unprecedented collaboration among universities, industry and government, the Center is designed to provide companies with a platform to encourage innovation and aggressive growth. As such, the MPSC rivals any facility of its kind in the world.

Through its partnership with the Center, Reliv will gain greater access to:

  • the latest soy and plant biotechnology research
  • government, university and corporate partner resources
  • opportunities for Reliv clinical studies
  • industry and mainstream media exposure
  • exclusive ingredient innovations

“It’s hard to describe how excited we are about this new partnership with the MPSC and all that it could mean for Reliv,” Dr. Carl Hastings said. “This Center is revolutionary. Reliv will be working alongside some of the world’s top researchers using state-of-the-art instrumentation to develop cutting-edge nutritional solutions. I believe this approach is the future of the nutrition industry, and Reliv is leading the way. This is going to be big — very big.”