LunaRich – Soy Much Better


Soy’s health benefits with numerous studies demonstrating superior support for cancer-preventive effects, cardiovascular health, significant anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging, and skin health. are well-documented. But only recently have scientists uncovered the nutritional component within soy responsible for many of these benefits. Studies now show the key is lunasin, a naturally occurring soy peptide.

LunaRich™ is the first non-GMO soy powder to fully harness the power of this amazing discovery — with more than five times the amount of lunasin found in ordinary soy powders. Not only does LunaRich deliver more lunasin, it also makes that lunasin more bioavailable for the body to use.

Better Bioavailability

Bioavailability — how easily a nutrient is absorbed by the body — has always been essential to Reliv’s approach to nutrition. That’s why our products come in the form of easily absorbed shakes. With LunaRich, Reliv has taken the bioavailability of lunasin to a whole new level.

LunaRich’s unique refinement process retains a “shell” of molecules to protect the lunasin  from being destroyed in the stomach. The shell is then broken down for maximum absorption in the small intestine — and maximum benefit for you.

Watch it happen in this video   

Healthy Cells

LunaRich promotes optimal cell health and provides a second line of defense when the body’s initial defenses fall short. Here’s how:

Nourishes. Delivers the nutritional fuel to promote optimal expression of genes required
for normal cell function.

Protects. Reduces inflammation and cell damage caused by free radicals and other
environmental hazards. Protects in two ways:

Prevention. Activates the expression of genes that help reduce cell damage and prevents the expression of genes that can cause cell damage.

Maintenance. Helps remove damaged cells from the body that may cause chronic health problems.

Learn how LunaRich helps reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease in this video:

Key to Cholesterol Management

The liver produces more than 80% of cholesterol, so the most effective way to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol is to control the liver’s internal production. LunaRich works to lower cholesterol in two ways:

1. disrupts the production of cholesterol in the liver
2. improves the liver’s ability to clear LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream

See how it works in this video:

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